International Adoption Programs

Our mission is to find permanent, loving homes for orphaned and displaced international children. Since 1985, New Beginnings has found permanent homes for over 2,000 children and our International Adoption Programs are some of the best available.

Tim was forever searching for a accounting product that allocated costs by the country.  He tried almost every accounting product off the shelve.  One day searching for software he found Rogers & Co.  We were about two blocks away from his office.  We left a laptop at his offices to show him how the software worked.  Not even two hours later he called us back and wanted to use it permanently.

We configured MIP to be by country and if needed foreign currency.  He liked MIP’s products so much he then obtained MIP’s Fund Raising Product FR50 and then obtained Fund Raising Online too.

With MIP Tim was able to increase adoptions, track costs better and lower his staffs workload with Fund Raising Online too!

Tim Suftin

Executive Director

New Beginnings Family and Children’s Service

The Village of Atlantic Beach is a beachside community on the south shore of Long Island. They are located on the Atlantic Ocean just 21 miles from Manhattan.

The Village of Atlantic Beach has gone through a lot in the past 10 years, notably Hurricane Sandy as well as the passing of our long tenured bookkeeper.

When our long standing bookkeeper passed away, we turned to Rogers & Co to get us up and running virtually overnight.  They brought in MIP fund accounting and uniquely tailored to New York State’s mandated chart of accounts.  This allowed us to have “traditional” for-profit chart of accounts that is easily converted to New York States mandated format.

With this predeveloped format we were up and processing in less than a week.

MIP provided a complete solution of Budgets, Multiple Checkbooks, Fixed Assets and most importantly a complete audit trail.

Finally, our consultant was “johnny on the spot” during Hurricane Sandy.  Our consultants braved the disaster and got the village up on a new server virtually instantly and kept the village running.

Donna Stone
Village of Atlantic Beach