New York’s Special Needs Community has come to rely on Rogers & Co and ABILA MIP Fund Accounting Software

Whether it be Information Systems, Accounting, Auditing, Cost Reports, Staffing or Rate Analysis, Rogers & Co and ABILA come to the rescue

Abila MIP has unique design that is ideal for NYS Special Needs Community

  1.  MIP has unique chart of accounts design that provides unlimited flexibility for
    1. Overhead
    2. Funding Sources
    3. Sites/Locations
    4. Dynamic reporting
  2. MIP has a unique module that allocates costs after the fact.  This allows you to allocate by NYS’s mandated ratio value method, or Federal A-133 requirements.
    1. Overhead
    2. Fringe Benefits
    3. Program Admin
    4. Agency Admin
    5. Multi year construction
  3. MIP has the most flexible report writer
    1. MIP can prepare the CFR monthly to ensure your spending is in line with your budget
    2. Financial statements can be prepared for unique requirements of funding sources
    3. You can have a balance sheet by PROGRAM
  4. MIP is NOT just todays solution, MIP has modules for your growth
    1. Payroll
    2. Human Resources
    3. Fixed Assets
    4. Purchasing and Requisitions
    5. Advanced Security
    6. Consolidations


Whether you are funded by OPWDD, OMH, SED, OASAS, DSS you can totally rely on the solutions of Rogers & Co and Abila products